The Flavors


Select from Thailand’s favorite local dishes, Tom Yum, Gang Keow Wan, Larb, and Ga-Prao

Tom Yum

Gang Keow Wan 


Ga-Prao (Spicy Basil) 

Thailand’s signature dish is a savory Hot & Sour Soup. It balances aromatic lemongrass, galangal, lime juice, and kaffir lime leaves with robust flavors like mushrooms, stewed tomatoes, fresh shrimp, and crushed chili peppers for a uniquely Thai taste. 

This sweet & spicy Green Curry is a mosaic of flavors. Herbaceous green curry paste, fresh coconut milk, pungent bamboo shoots, Thai eggplant, chicken breast, and Thai Holy basil slow cooked for a rich and fragrant blend of delight, typically served with “beautiful rice.” 

Isaan’s famously Zesty Salad has all the tastes. The dish starts off with minced chicken, then kicks up the sweet, sour, spice, and saltiness with a dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, mint leaves, onions, chilies, and a special toasty-rice crunch. It’s a flavorful classic for dinner or lunch. 

A pleasingly Simple Stir-Fry that
the locals love. Chicken is sautéed in oil with garlic, chilies, crisp green beans, and Thai Holy basil - which gives the dish its name and floral aroma - then served over steaming rice, accompanied by a fried egg.
It’s delicious & satisfying every time. 

Minidish candies are a little bit spicy, just like typical Thai dishes, but don’t worry, our products contain no meat!





Small Box 72 g (4 packs): 

All 4 flavors in every box!

18g per pack

Tom Yum (1 pack)

Gang Keow Wan (1 pack)

Larb (1 pack)

Ga-Prao (1 pack)

Large Box 216 g (12 packs): 

All 4 flavors in every box!

18g per pack

Tom Yum (3 packs)

Gang Keow Wan (3 packs)

Larb (3 packs)

Ga-Prao (3 packs)